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Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
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Paraffin Bath
Model name: NZ-100
How to Use Paraffin Bath
1. Put 6pieces of solid paraffin wax into the paraffin bathtub


Paraffin Bath

Model name: NZ- 100  

How to Use Paraffin Bath

1.Put 6pieces of solid paraffin wax into the paraffin bathtub after

taking their vinyl off, then place a food prop on paraffin wax and put

a lid on the paraffin bathtub. 

2.Switch on after Plugging the cord into the outlet(220V), then 5lamps

of the front part moves from left to right and light just the lamp

of "normal" indication that leads heater to keep running with power

supply. Wait until paraffin wax is completely melted(4~ 5hours later).

Use TEMP "UP","DOWN"switch as the temperature adjustment switch in

case of temperature up or down depending on user's taste, while the

lamp is generally placed in normal position.

3.Take hands off immediately after dipping them into warm paraffin

solution with hands dried off for 1~ 2seconds or so, then make hands

hard in the air for about 4~ 5 seconds resulting in 1layer of paraffin

film and repeat 4~ 5 times in the same way to form 4~ 5layers of

paraffin film.

4.Put vinyl pack to keep warm and clean up

5.Put the hands cover to keep warm, bringing out more effectiveness.

(Dry heat effect of paraffin and perspiration moist heat effect of


6.Take paraffin off with vinyl about 10minutes later for clean


7.Apply a paraffin pack in the same way in case of feet as well.

8.Dip necessary areas such as an elbow, a knee other than hands and

feet or apply with a brush for a paraffin pack.(Remove about 10minutes

after putting vinyl pack and warmly wrapping with a towel or blanket

in the above same way).

Product Composition of Paraffin Bath

Paraffin Bath, Paraffin Wax 6LBS, Hand& Foot Gloves 1, Vinyl Pack.

Rated voltage: AC220V, 60HZ

Rated power consumption: 150W

Weight: 5kg

Dimension: 365mm x 230mm x 210mm.